I have worked with clients on all sorts of projects (fashion campaigns, still life, events, family and couple sessions, etc.) and I always go the extra mile for them. It's important for me to build a connection with my clients, to make sure my work both fulfils what they want and reflects my own artistic and nostalgic style. 

"Working with Pauline is always a pleasure. As a young brand I sometimes need to take a step back from all the things I want to do, and Pauline has always been great at helping me sort out ideas and come up with new ones. She's a creative force and perfectly understands the mood I want to create in all my shoots!" 


"It has been wonderful to work with Pauline for the launch of our restaurant. Her analog photography is vibrant, sensitive, authentic, and most importantly, full of life. She has a distinctive identity that perfectly matches our brand. She brought a lot of fresh ideas to our initial vision, and went the extra mile to come up with awesome content."

Daimant Collective

"Our lockdown and small committee wedding was perfectly photographed by Pauline. She spent the morning with us, between our home and the town hall, and captured very well these simple moments of our lives. Thanks to her, we have beautiful pictures to remember this day by, which have found their place in our home and which we love to look at everyday."

Samuel & Samantha

"Pauline was able to capture the magic of our children's arrival into our lives. Both sessions, she always took the time to chat, play with the children, and make us feel comfortable to pose or not. I particularly appreciate her film style, which I believe makes the memories she captures all the more precious."


"Taking photographs of our publishing house 'book objects' without falling into the run of the mill book cover pictures can be a challenge, which Pauline overcame with her film photographs. We can't wait for her to capture our next books."  

Rue du Bouquet

"With her creative experiences and unique perspectives of Paris, Pauline brought so many original ideas to our shoot. I’m so impressed and excited that her creative direction and natural talent have brought me a wonderful set of photos to remind me of my time in Paris.


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